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Gambero Rosso’s Italian Wine Roadshow in Kenya

Held at the Shamba Events in Loresho Ridge, Nairobi Kenya, the highly successful, invite-only Italian Wine showcased a variety of wines on Tuesday, 30th January 2024. Graced by Italian ambassador to Kenya – Roberto Natali, Gambero Rosso CEO – Luigi Salerno and Kenya Tourist Board Communications Manager -Wausi Walya, the elegant event attracted wine lovers, importers, traders and media from Kenya and beyond. Invitees had the opportunity to sample over 150 premium wines, ranging from the roses to the sparkling.

Italy’s leading food and wine media company, Gambero Rosso proudly hosted the event to promote the culture of wine and its trade in the country. Dubbed the ‘Top Italian wine roadshow 2024′, this was the first Italian wine and food event organized by Vinpodium. Welcoming 35 prestigious wineries representing fifteen wine regions of Italy, the wineries’ stands were packed, with great interest in Prosecco – the king of tastings, and rosé wines. 

From a Prosecco to a Primitivo, you might think you know your way around wines, but the wine connoisseurs will prove otherwise. Now, if you are a newbie like me to wine tasting, this was definitely a learning experience. The wine experts were ready to help you distinguish your merlots from your malbecs, show you how to taste different notes and teach you what it really takes to create your evening glass of Sauvignon Blanc. What better way to accompany wine tasting than delightfully curated charcuterie board filled with cheeses, cured meats, olives and hummus?

Fun Fact: Italy is famous for wine and rightfully called “The Land of Wine” not only because Italians are master winemakers, but from the fact that there are more native Italian grapes in Italy than in Greece, Spain and France put together.

With a growing appreciation for Italian wine and cuisine, this was definitely a huge success for Gambero Rosso. Check out our lovely gallery to view more images from the event.

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