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Fort Jesus- The Fortress of Mombasa Enchantments

Fort Jesus not only plays host as one of Kenya’s most iconic historical sites, but it has gradually grown into the ultimate international and local tourism destination at the Kenyan Coast. Throughout the year, Fort Jesus will host various celebrations that allows individuals to come and experience Mombasa and the Swahili Culture at its best. These celebrations, as discussed below, comprise of a variety of enchanting events that will leave you in awe and constantly wanting for more.

The Sound and Light Show

This occasion is one of the major events dominating the fortress of Mombasa enchantments’ events. Held on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, this spectacular night show aims to enrich Fort Jesus visitors will everything coastal. The Sports and Culture Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohammed, unveiled this fantastic show, accompanied by Mombasa locals and guests from across the nation within this month of November.

The Sound and Light Show involves a view of the beautiful Mombasa night sky above the glorious Fort Jesus Museum. During its official launch, the enchanting event was commenced with a colourful display of 270-kg firework launch thanks to Jay Pyrotechnics Ltd. This magnificent illustration had the ever breathtaking Mombasa night sky blazing with numerous enchanting colours that gave the Northern Lights a run for their money.

According to the Pyrotechnics Managing Director, the sound and light show will take a maximum of 40-minute. It will include 3D projection mappings and holograms entailing the rich Mombasa history that forms the foundation of the wonderful Mombasa City we have all come to adore. Hence, the Fort Jesus Sound and Light Show is an event you cannot afford to miss out on, and it costs a mere Ksh.1700 inclusive of Ksh.200 as park fee.

The Enchanting Experience, inclusive of a Swahili Dinner

In addition to the fantastic fireworks display, there is a 90-minute Swahili Culture enchanting experience. This event comprises the Sound and Light Show elements with a delicious Swahili theme dinner that will have everyone requesting a second filling. The Swahili Culture is acclaimed for its infusion of mouth-watering meals that trace their origins from India and Arabian nations mixed with a touch of the coconut flavour. These meals include the ever famous Pilau, Biriani, Fish or Chicken Coconut Stew, Wali wa Nazi, among many more.

With just Ksh.3200 including park fee, you can be at the receiving end of these delicious meals.

The Enchanting Dhow Experience

Now, you know it is not a coastal event without some fun in the great Indian Ocean. This event occurs only on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, for a good 3hours. It costs Ksh.4700 including the park fee.

The enchanting experience begins with visitors boarding a dhow at the Tamarind Restaurant in Nyali. Once everyone is settled, a once in a lifetime dhow ride though the glorious Indian Ocean begins. During the cruise, visitors are offered several snack biting as they enjoy the brilliant sunset view in the distance. It is such a magical experience.

The Forodhani Experience

Fort Jesus cannot claim to show off the enchantness of Mombasa City without a taste of its renowned meals. Once the 40-minute Sound and Light Show ends, guests are taken to the vastly acclaimed Forodhani Restaurant. This place is known for its offers of authentic Swahili dishes that keep visitors continually coming back. Hence, what better way to end a beautiful evening endowed with sound and light enchantments, than getting the tummy filled with the best of Swahili Culture meals?

Make a point to visit this holiday season. You won’t regret it.

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