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Beaches and Islands in Kenya

Over the years, the beaches in Kenyan coast have gained remarkable strides in the global tourism industry. Kenya is no longer just a wildlife destination. The section of the Indian Ocean within this country is home not only to the best islands in Kenya but worldwide. As a result, the best beaches in Kenya are found on these islands. As you plan to visit this gorgeous nation, remember its beaches and islands are part of the charm.


The town of Diani is among the most recommended Kenyan coastal destination. Bordering the Indian Ocean, this town is a sight for sore eyes due to the beautiful coconut trees that encompass it. Among the best beaches in Kenya for swimming and snorkelling. Not only these water activities, but if you are a nightlife individual, the town of Diani is not for the ultimate nightlife offers.

Diani has several beautiful hotels like the AfroChic. You can also go skydiving, deep-sea fishing, and kitesurfing while here.

Lamu Island

Coastal islands in Kenya are plenty. However, Lamu Island is one of the oldest and most famous. The rich Swahili/ Islamic-Arabian culture in this area makes it a must-visit. Shela Beach is one of its most acclaimed beaches whereby you can hang around and let the beautiful Indian Ocean sweep your thoughts away. Visit the Kizingo and Peponi resorts as well.


This town is roughly 10 miles south of Malindi. Among the favourite tourist beaches in Kenyan coast, Watamu is definitely at the very top. If you’re familiar with the sandy peninsula that separates the Mida Creek from the Indian Ocean, you are aware of the cerulean coves on it. Around here Watamu is found, and it’s basically a set of several best beaches in Kenya. Watamu houses some of the most fabulous coastal restaurants. You can perform different water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, and much more. While in Watamu, visit the Gedi ruins and Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve.

Chale Island

Private islands in Kenya coast are not that popular. Nonetheless, Chale Island is an example. This island resort is a habitat for an array of endangered sea turtle species. Chale is surrounded by coral reefs as well as tropical vegetation. It has one primary beach where you can find The Chale Island hotel. Here, beach bumming is a significant game, but you can do snorkelling. There is the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National park where you can go scuba diving. For the adrenaline-filled individuals, you can go kayaking in the mangroves.


This is Mombasa’s gem. It is considered a metropolitan beach which are rare beaches in Kenyan coast. Within Nyali we have some of the most prominent beach hotel and resorts in the region. An example is Serena. We also have the Whitesands Beach Hotel. There are crocodile farms like Mamba Village, colossal shopping malls, and coral reefs for snorkelling and scuba diving.


The greatest kept secret in East Africa is not the best islands in Kenya but this small town. It is found a short distance from Malindi on the north. Mambrui is a place known by the individuals who understand the Kenyan coast well. It has a few hotels but the Che Shale has been here since 1970.

If you are looking for privacy and seclusion, this is your hideout. You can for long walks on the beach without meeting another person. Kitesurfing, snorkelling, and deep-sea fishing are just a few of the water activities you can do while in Mambrui.


As we have seen, beaches in Kenyan coast are not only found in the best islands in Kenya. Kikambala in Kilifi County is another example. This town has been on the limelight since the famous Vipingo Ridge Hotel was built. This is Kenya’s number one golf course section. The heart of Kikambala has seen more mega-resorts. People have been known to compare it with the Caribbean jokingly. The town is convenient to reach by road or air via the Safarilink air service.


This sandy stretch piece of land is another hidden gem of beaches in Kenya. It is hidden by the Chale Island and is at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Gazi has very calm waters with an abundance of mangrove forest.

Kilifi Beach

As its name suggests, this beach is found in Kilifi County. One of the most exceptional beaches in Kenya where you can see the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. You can participate in water activities, like swimming. Do not leave without visit the local restaurants that can easily be found along the beach. Get a taste of the coastal dishes and the famous “Dawas” cocktail.

Manda Toto

The best islands in Kenya are the less known ones as seen with the case of Chale. It is the case with Manda Toto, which is a small island off the coast of Manda. To reach this region, a boat ride of 40 minutes from Lamu is required. You can snorkel and do line fishing

Winding Up

As you visit the country, remember beaches in Kenyan coast for the most exquisite relaxation experience. They are other best beaches in Kenya within not only the best islands in Kenya but other parts of its coastal region.

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