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Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs National Reserve is named after an oasis of clear water at its western end. It has often been overshadowed by Samburu National Reserve which lies across the Ewaso Nyiro River, but is equally as good with large herds of elephants and another perfect location to sight leopards. 

Almost encircled by dramatic mountains, the reserve protects a tract of semi-arid savannah flanking the scenic Ewaso Nyiro River. This combination of mountain backdrop, lush river ecosystems and semi-arid plains studded with termite mounds and umbrella acacia trees is on its own worth the long journey to get here. The springs, after which the reserve has been named, are a scenic landmark and attract a steady stream of thirsty animals.

The riverine forest along the White River and other watercourses are the places to look. There are no rhinos, but lion and buffalo sightings are possible. But it is the northern Kenya dry-country specials that attract many visitors. They include Beisa oryx, lesser kudu, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra and the unusual-looking, long-necked gerenuk (the Kenya Northern Five). 

The main attraction besides the large population of wildlife is the Buffalo Springs, which were formed due to rising underground steam from Mount Kenya. 

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