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10 Quick Escapes Near the Capital

It is a well known fact that Kenya has some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The coastal region never misses the to-do list of millions of tourists every year. But what about Nairobi, Kenya’s capital? Besides the tall buildings, crowded streets, and the hectic traffic, Nairobi has many beautiful places you can visit. In fact, Nairobi is the only capital city that has a national park in it.

It is centrally located and whether visiting for a meeting, conference, or whatever, there are nice places you can visit to unwind and sightsee.

Have alook at these quick escapes from the husslte and bustle of Nairobi life;

1. Zaina Falls, Nyeri

Located about 164km away from the heart of the city is the famous Zaina falls. This is approximately a 3.45-hour drive and 10km from Nyeri town. Take a break from the city and drive to these beautiful falls. There are more fun activities like hiking and trekking. It also has some history attached to it; freedom fighters like Dedan Kimathi and his followers hid here during the MAU MAU war. Good weather, good ambiance, and scenic scenes for taking photos and selfies.

2. Jangwani Camp, Sagana

If the description of your perfect weekend is a relaxed day or two away from home, then Jangwani Camp is the place to be. Located 74km from Kenya’s capital is the hilly, small but picturesque town called Sagana. You can join some friends and do a road trip to this camp where you hike, camp, and do bonfires under the moon. Evenings are actually the most beautiful times here because of the bonfire. Enjoy the warmth of the fire over drinks as you roast goat meat, tell stories and just enjoy life.

You can also take nature walks, cycling, and have team building.

3. Oloolua Nature Trail

This nature trail is found in one of the most upscale suburbs in Nairobi, Karen, which is only a few minutes drive from the city. The Oloolua forest has a cave that was used by the maumau freedom fighters. Nowadays, this cave serves as a home to thousands of bats and other mammals. Set yourself into the serene, peaceful mood away from the city’s husslte and bustle. Watch and listen to the soothing sound of the waterfall. The nature trail allows you to take leisure walks alone or as a group; take a rest at the Bamboo Rest point and grab some snacks before proceeding.

4. Rolf’s Place

If you find fun indulging in adrenaline filled activities, Rolf’s bridge is a perfect place for you. Located on the Nairobi National park’s eastern border, Rolf’s Place is a hotel built on the edge of a cliff, like a medieval fortress. The famous swinging bridge (yes, swinging bridge) is built over a deep gorge to separate the hotel from the national park. The hotel offers a variety of local and international cuisines.

5. Lake Ol Bolosat, Kenya

Do you know that Lake Ol Bolosat is the only large lake in Central Kenya? It is the origin of the Ewaso Nyiro River and is home to animals like hippos and numerous bird species. Tag along with your friends or family and watch over 300 species of birds, some which migrate from thousands of miles away to come nest and feed here. There are other wild animals to be sighted including leopards cheetahs, and zebras.

6. The Forest

Bring your family or friends for a day full of activities at The Forest, an hour’s drive from Nairobi city. Get to enjoy activities like team building, zip-lines, camping, paintball, archery, among others. You can also workout as you sightsee in the form of mountain biking. The Forest has the longest zip-line you’ll find anywhere, it gives you an awesome aerial view of the Kereita Forest below. This is a great place to shed some calories before returning to the city.

7. Kiambethu Tea Farm Visit and Brown’s Cheese

Limuru is undoubtedly one of the coldest places in Kenya. It is only a few kilometers from the capital and here you get to visit the Kiambethu tea farm and Brown’s Cheese. There are guides who take you round the vast farm where you learn and see firsthand how tea is grown and processed.

Brown’s Cheese offers fully organic meals, with 17 different types of cheeses to pick from. This is a perfect place to taste delicious homemade bread, salads, and Cheese. They also give you a chance to make your own mozzarella. The menu suits everyone, from kids to adults.

8. Maasai Ostrich Resort

About 45 km from the heart of the city is the largest ostrich firm in East Africa. Did you know a mature ostrich weighs 160kgs and can carry an adult human weighing 80kgs? Come and learn about Ostrichs here at the Maasai Ostrich Resort. Learn how you can differentiate between a male and a female ostrich and don’t fail to have a taste of their sumptous meat that’s overly rich in minerals, vitamins, and protein.

9. Small World Country Club;

If your perfect weekend is a chilled one, you can never go wrong by picking two or three pairs of clothes for your stay at Small World Country Club. It is found in Athi River, just 3.7km from Daystar University. Enjoy a continental and buffet breakfast, and while at it, bring your kids along; there is a fun playground for them.

10. Kitengela Glass

Here scrap glass is renewed and refashioned into stylish objects. At Kitengela glass, you will get the opportunity to touch the molten material, of course with guidance from the guides. This is a fascinating, lifetime opportunity that you’ll love. The talented artisans here do not only make glass; they also manufacture chandeliers, lamps, and beads all from scrap glass.

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