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How to Book a Safari in Kenya

Whether you are a safari expert or newbie, am sure that Kenya is top of your bucket list. Now the question on the mind will be “How to book Kenya Safari?” For most individuals, the process of booking a Kenya safari may seem extremely tedious. However, this article will be the fairy godmother you never knew you needed. It will provide crucial tips to make this booking process a slide dunk.


A good number of travel Kenya flights land in Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). This is your first stopover when coming for a tourism venture in the country. Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and largest city. Therefore, it is vital for you to have a Nairobi experience to get the gist of what Kenya has in store.

Nairobi City Tour

TIn this day and age, con artists have flooded the markets, including online platforms. The tourism industry has not been left behind. For a first-timer, securing a legit safari company may be tiring. There are so many fake organizations on the internet, and one must be careful not to fall victim. Hence, if you are a newbie, I suggest you use a safari company based in your native country.

Nonetheless, if you opt for a Kenyan based organization, then pick one that falls under KATO. This is short for the Kenya Association of Tour Operators. With these two methods, you protect yourself from any possible deceit. Besides, when you mingle with fellow safari travellers, you can learn of other legit companies you can use on the second visit to Kenya.

Safari companies are the best way to ensure a stress-free and full-on enjoyable safari experience in Kenya. They are the most exceptional options as to how to book Kenya safari. Now that we know that booking a Kenya safari entails association with a safari company, it is best to learn how to determine the best organization for you. And it is by one word, packages.

All year round, Kenya is a magnet for safaris. These companies will each have their package options that will range in prices and the time of the year you will be in Kenya. Therefore, since you are smart, I know you will want the safari organization that provides the best prices and tour packages. With that in mind, let’s see key aspects to put in mind when making this decision.

Types of Safari Tours

The land of Kenya is endowed with plenty of options for the ultimate safari experience. Visiting here is like a kid in the chocolate factory for that safari enthusiastic. Whatever safari flavour is your guilty pleasure, Kenya has got it. Hence, it’s no surprise that the safari companies will have an array of options. There are many places to go and plenty of activities to take part in.

When deciding on how to book Kenya safari, the first thing in your mind should be whether you prefer a group or private safari option. Both of these options has its advantages. A group safari means that the cost is shared. Also, it’s a grand chance to make new buddies.

The private safari option maybe a bit more costly. Nonetheless, it will be tailor-made to meet all of your safari desires. And I mean all.

Hence, the ball is in your court. Depending on the option that calls to you, booking a Kenya safari will be a piece of pie. Just go for the safari company that offers your choice.


Similar to going shopping, you must begin with your planned safari budget. The safari companies will have packages in line with your accommodation preferences. You can decide to go the luxury route and pick exquisite lodges. Another option is camping.

These two accommodation options will, of course, cost differently. Thus, depending on your safari budget, the choice of your accommodation will determine the safari company picked. Put in mind that the better the housing, the more you will enjoy your safari.

Safari Duration

How to book a Kenyan safari will go hand in hand with the length of your desired safari time. This is mostly dependent on your safari budget. Most safari companies in Kenya have itineraries that range from 1 day and as far as 12 days, even more. It’s not rocket science for one to know that the more the days, the more sites visited. So, choose the safari company with a package itinerary that fits your safari duration need.

Visitation Time

When booking a Kenya safari timing is everything. Although the nation sees tourists all year round, there are some months that are way busier than others. A good example is from August to October. This is because, at these times, Kenya plays host to the two world’s most significant migration.

In Maasai Mara game reserve we have the wildebeest migration of Serengeti in Tanzania. It is known as the great migration, and it’s the largest globally. When you go to Watamu in the Kenyan coast, there is the humpback whale migration.

These two migrations make this time of the year very busy in the country. Majority of safari lovers don’t want to be left behind and come to see these movements face to face. With more people in the nation, other parks like Tsavo National Park, Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, and many more are flooded by safari adventurers.

Hence, when deciding how to book a safari in Kenya during these times, pick the safari company will the best package option for maximum enjoyment of these migrations.

Tour Guide/Driver

Each safari organization will have different travel prices depending on the car you choose. Most guys go for the 4*4WD Land Cruiser jeep. It is more comfortable in comparison to the 4*4WD minivan. Of course, it will be more expensive.

Tour guides/drivers are an integral part of the ultimate safari experience. It is advisable to choose safari companies that provide a local person as a guide/driver. They know all the best spots for a safari, including the hidden gems. Also, you are not worried about language barriers because they act as an interpreter.


With the above tips, how to book a safari in Kenya will no longer be a headache. You can now choose the safari company that will offer the best of the best Kenya safari experience. Buckle up and prepare to have the best of Africa in terms of geology, wildlife, landscapes, culture, and cuisines. The process of booking a Kenya safari has never been more straightforward.

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