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Spectacular Healing Waters in the Great Rift

Sliding into a bathtub after a rigorous day is a feeling we all long for after a long, hard day at work. However, nothing comes close to the therapeutic thrill from a slip in a proper thermal pool. Whether you are excited about relieving the aches and pains of a rough day behind the wheels or directly after a bit of winding away in the frosty slopes of Limuru, a visit to a natural hot spring or spa will revitalize the senses.

For centuries people have flocked to various hot springs for the various health benefits of their magic waters. But what’s behind our love for these natural spas, and why are they better than simply soaking in a heated pool? Here’s a more in-depth look into some of the most spectacular healing waters in the Great Rift and why you should set a spa date with any of them.

Mvuke Geothermal Spa

Located inside the Hell’s Gate National Park, the largest natural spa in the continent is about half an hour’s drive from Naivasha town. The water here seems cloudy. You are wondering why? Because of its rich composition of sulphur and silica minerals. The water spa is all-natural and feels heavenly on the skin. For one minute, you feel like you are floating in an endless bathtub in a tucked-away haven. It is impossible not to forget your struggles once you dip yourself in these waters. It is an immaculate feeling. Mvuke is made in a series of heated pools that helps reduce the temperatures to acceptable levels where you can soak for a joyous feeling. Make a trip down here and experience this fantastic stress-relieving natural spa.

Lake Bogoria Hot Springs

The natural spa, which is located 125 kilometers from Nakuru town, claims to be the only spa in Kenya with a naturally heated pool. This natural spa features an epic view set in the acacia surroundings of the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Described as the Jewel of the Rift Valley, the hot spring geysers produce sulphur rich mineral waters that are naturally warm for that therapeutic feeling. The waters are believed to help with skin conditions such as rashes and psoriasis. Immerse yourself in these magic waters and release those joint pains and muscle aches.

Kikopey Hot Springs

Perched on the southern edge of Lake Elementaita, this natural hot springs yield an enchanting panorama of the Great Rift Valley. Its location is one of the most scenic in the Great Rift Valley and enjoys spectacular views of Lake Elementaita. The hot springs are found within the vast Kikopey farm and approximately 36km drive from Nakuru town. At the spa in the farm, there are relatively large pools, both for adults and children for visitors to enjoy. The mineral-rich waters help with blood circulation and detoxification of body toxins. There are raging debates about the health benefits of these spas. What is undisputed, though, is the effect they have on worn-out bodies who want to wind away. Spur your way to the spa and get a wholesome therapeutic experience.

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