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Not all those who wander are lost: Why Travelling is good for your soul

Someone once said you cannot truly say you have experienced life if you haven’t travelled. The limitless nature of travel makes it symbolic in that it appears to be the key to most of the universe’s well-kept secrets.

Travel is more than a worthy Instagram post, it is a source of self-discovery, adventure, new life perceptions, among plenty more. When one travels, they get to live a life that is free of everyday worries; they let loose and truly get to see all that mother earth has to offer.

Thus, let’s assess a few reasons why traveling is exactly what the soul doctor recommends.

Access to what matters in life

Our everyday life as human beings is filled with this and that, ups and downs that we never truly get to know our actual selves.

When you travel, the stresses of daily routines are pushed to the back of the minds, and we get to unwind and simply relax. The problems or responsibilities that seemed to have us grasped by the neck no longer seem that threatening.

As you’re in this state of freedom, you get to see what truly matters in life. You may be visiting a poor nation and get to see how the people struggle to get food and water. This sight will shock you to the core, and provide the wake-up call you needed to truly appreciate the life you have been living. Get to learn the exact essence of life- gratefulness.

A good mental and physical exercise

Travelling entails various fun activities like hiking the tallest mountain, or riding a horse for the first time, and even simply running through the airport to catch your flight in time. All these activities will have your body filling active and energized, and maintain the needed body fitness.

More so, while you travel, you get to visit new places. These places have you encountering new people with different languages, and cultures. You are then forced to learn how to adapt in this strange new land, and this is a good exercise for the mind. Intermingling with locals who don’t understand your language teaches you to be patient, and have a stronger will power in order to get your message across.

Learning new things and appreciation

We say travel is limitless, because one can visit any place on earth that they set their minds. As you travel, you discover that what you thought you knew about the world was very little.

You get to encounter new and unique places and people that teach you different aspects of life. A good example is when you visit India and discover their beautiful culture. This will teach you to appreciate the array of cultures, values, and beliefs worldwide that make earth the beautiful.


Travelling comes, every now and then, with a few bumps in the road. There are numerous stories of travelers losing their bags in hotels or at the airport. Some wander off during tours and get lost. Worse is when one falls sick while on tour. All these scenarios requires one to come up with a creative solution in order to handle themselves without, well, going crazy.

Thus, it is evident that travel aids one to be creative in harsh circumstances, and learn the best ways to adapt in any given situation.

A healing prescription

You have heard it before that time heals everything, when if you find that time is taking well, its sweet time, try travelling. Whether you have a physical or emotional pain, travelling will be just what the doctor ordered.

As you travel, you let yourself be fully immersed in the daily fun activities, that you easily no longer feel that physical pain, or even heart break. Travel becomes the reset button that brings you back to truly understanding and appreciating yourself.


Traveling is vital for any Tom, Dick, and Harry. It helps you understand yourself better and life as a whole.

Every travel experience is unique and worth trying out.

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