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3 Quirky and unusual places you should visit in Elementaita

In the memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan once said, “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” These exact words can be used to describe the tiny but beautiful Elementaita. Lying in the heart of Kenya’s Rift Valley region, Elementaita is both locally and international acclaimed as a leading heartthrob of the nation’s tourism sector.

Elementaita is a cooking pot that dishes out tremendous destinations delicacies that any true wanderlust adventurer has to see and indulge in without hesitation. However, we cannot fully explore all the gourmet destinations Elementaita serves in a one article serving, hence we have resolved to offer you a dish of 3 of its most quirkiest and unbelievable areas that will have you

Lemon Valley

If one is looking for a full immersion into tranquility, then the Lemon Valley Farm Estate in Elementaita is your ace in the hole. This chic fashioned escape paradise lets you soak in the beautiful and glamor of Kenya’s countryside, while overlooking the captivating Lake Elementaita.

Lemon Valley Farm Estate is found along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway on the hillside of Kasambara. What makes this estate fabulous is that it lies just opposite the Soysambu Conservancy, hence, you might catch a glimpse or two of Kenya’s finest wildlife animals moving around.

The area coverage of the farm is about 30 acres of undistributed land that horses, donkeys, cows, and green-houses call home.

You can also call this place home for a few nights by staying in their country designed cottages, glamp tents, or cabins that exudes a countryside vibe, while providing the comfort of a 5 star hotel.

While here, ensure you dip yourself in their majestic swimming pool that offers a sense of tranquility overlooking a bewitching scenery. For the active adventurers, horse backing riding, hiking, and archery are available to your heart’s content. If you want to feel fresh and rejuvenated, then a day in the estate’s spa will do the trick. Finally, have your tummies singing hallelujah by indulging in the delicious gourmet meals offered in the Frog & Toad Canteen.

Inka Gardens

The popularity of this place is so vast that local musicians feature it in their record breaking hits (Favorite by Bensoul).

Inka lies 150km from Nairobi, and it is the ideal, and honestly quite affordable, camping destination (just Ksh.1000 per night) in Kenya. It offers a vast area whereby you and your buddies can set up tents and experience the true tranquility of a safari life. Additionally, Inka provides facilities such as hot showers, washrooms, kitchen sinks, plenty of running water, and a generator, all at your humble request.

The staff of Inka always sets up a camp fire where you can join fellow campers and share your wanderlust adventure tales. In the mornings, you can take a stroll around the area (carry bananas for the monkeys you may spot of the way). You can create an unforgettable afternoon by visiting Lake Elementaita and dipping your feet and arms into its clear waters. You may spot flamingoes while at it, if you’re lucky enough.

White Thorn Cottages

If you want to discover authentic serenity, these cottages are your best shot. The architecture and activities found here ensure that comfort meets fun and that you will be all smiles throughout your stay.

White Thorn Cottages enables one to feel right at home by offering a villa which has a terrace with a barbecue facility. It gets better with access to a fully equipped kitchenette to cook all your favorite home meals. The villa also has a living room with a flat-screen TV, and a hot spring bath. Just imagine how relaxing the hot spring shower will be.

The facilities allows for pets, and it offers car or bicycle rental services that one can use to visit the nearby pre-historical site or even go to Lake Elementaita.

Wrapping Up

Elementaita still has plenty more up its sleeves, and therefore visit the area soon and get to experience what tranquility at its ultimate.

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