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Backpacking in Mombasa: Debunking the Myth that Travel is Expensive

A backpack is a traveler’s best friend. It enables easy movement from one spot to the next, and you can literally carry all that you need for a simple trip.

Mombasa is one of the best towns to explore in Kenya. The city is home to not only the best beaches, but also some of the friendliest people in the country. Also, if you are foodie, this should be your first stop.

Unlike popular belief, traveling to Mombasa doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack, especially with a shoe-string budget.

This article will show you the ins and outs on how to backpack through Mombasa at costs that won’t break the bank.

Travel Means

Most local and international tourists that visit Mombasa come through Nairobi. Thus, finding a cheap means of transport from Nairobi to Mombasa is key.

There are plenty of pocket friendly options for a traveler wishing to come to Mombasa. Number one, and the most popular lately is the SGR. It takes approximately five hours to reach Mombasa using this electric train. One books online at the price of $30 for first class, or $10 for second class. The train has two schedules, one in the morning and an afternoon option.

If you would love to experience Kenya at its peak, then the option of taking a bus from Nairobi to Mombasa is the best. Bus companies in Kenya have done a superb job ensuring that they meet the set travel standards while providing a flight-like comfort to passengers. One can opt for Modern Coast, Mash, Tahmeed, Dreamline, among many more.

The best thing is that the drivers and their assistants are some of the best people in the nation, hence, whatever question you may have, feel free to indulge with them.

Backpackers Accommodation

Getting a decent place to stay is of paramount importance. Luckily, Mombasa is a hotspot for backpackers’ lodgings. One of the most known and highly recommended is the Tulia House in Nyali. As its Swahili name suggests, the place literally enables you to relax. They offer double decker beds that can be used by two people for the price of $12 per night. Others are Backpackers Nirvana, Distant Relatives Ecolodge and Backpackers in Kilifi, and plenty more.

If in doubt, feel free to ask the locals, they will always offer a helping hand.

Within the city transport

Once you know where you will be laying your head, it is time to go on an adventure. Mombasa hosts plenty of beaches, historical sites, and game parks and reserves.

Moving from one of these points to another may seem expensive, especially if you are thinking of catching a taxi or Uber. The best and cheapest means would be joining the locals in boarding a matatu. They are a cheapest means of transport at below $1.

If you just want to cruise through the CBD, use a motorbike, or Tuktuk, to get you from one point to the next.

Another smart tip: if you want to enjoy some swimming, try local public beaches that are free like Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, Nyali Beach, and Shelly Beach.

Local Cuisines

The final tip in how to backpack through Mombasa affordably is by opting to indulge in the local dishes.

These dishes are normally very cheap and quite finger-licking. We have famous meals like biryani that can cost as low as $2 per plate, and trust me, you will be full and yet craving more. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast of Swahili milk tea, mahamri, and coconut Mbaazi at just as low as $1.

Get to enjoy the local snacks like mabuyu at $1, viazi karai at $0.5 per plate, and lots of more delicacies.

Visiting Mombasa should now be an easy choice, follow the above steps and get to enjoy Mombasa County at its finest and cheapest.

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