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Top Attractions in Kenya

When it comes to getting rid of that ultimate safari itch, absolutely nothing outwits Kenya safari destinations. This is a statement I am positive you have heard being said before.

The wide range of top attractions in Kenya can satisfy even the grumpiest safari adventurer to walk on the face of the planet. Yes, I kid you not. A majority of the top sights in Kenya are acclaimed for having an array of activities, and bewitching views that will make even the iciest of hearts melt in awe. There is nothing about Kenya that disappoints. From its breath-taking topography endowed by the Great Rift Valley, and fantastic mountains and hills. The untamed rivers, and the tempestuous Indian Ocean. To the fact that it is home to the majestic Big Five land wildlife. It is the Narnia of all safari destinations.


One of the absolutely best places to visit while in Kenya. Every wildlife documentation has a depiction of this area in their films or files. It is among the top attractions in Kenya when it comes to wildlife. This national game reserve is Kenya’s pride and joy. It is an extension of the Tanzanian’s Serengeti national park. Maasai Mara national reserve is named after the area’s native tribe who are Maasai. If you visit the game reserve, you may be lucky enough to see them grazing their folks within the park.

However, it’s not just the Maasai people that make Maasai Mara the crème de la crème of top sights in Kenya during a safari; it’s the fact that this is where one can get front row seats to view the great migration. This is the supreme of all wildlife migrations on the globe. You get to see throngs wildebeest moving from the Serengeti to the park. During this journey, you get lucky enough and see how lions and cheetahs lay in wait to devour the weakest of the wildebeest. In addition, the hungry crocodiles are awaiting in the Mara River to have a taste of the migrators as well. All these are sights that will make your safari one for the books.


Tourist attractions in Kenya are like bees in a beehive. You are guaranteed of their constant availability. Amboseli Park is also home to the Maasai people. In fact, its name, “Amboseli”, is a Maasai word meaning “salty dust”. It is one of the most exceptional Kenya safari destinations because you get to have a view of Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro. And trust me, this view is worth it. Better yet, while in the reserve, you will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to view numerous herds of elephants at an extremely near distance. Do not worry; they are harmless unless provoked. The big cats such as cheetahs and lions also call this park home and can be viewed clearly during the day. There are also several bird species present, giraffes, impalas, gazelles and waterbucks. Get to intermingle will the local Maasai residents and experience the cultural attractions in Kenya. Besides, you can take a nature walk and see the dried-up Lake Amboseli. There are sulphur springs also in the reserve. The savannah and woodland vegetation of the park can be a brilliant addition to your safari photo scrapbook.


Talk about the best places to visit while in a Kenyan safari. Beautiful sceneries, eye-catching landscape, and numerous wildlife, this lake has it all. Every Kenya safari destinations guide recommends tourists to visit this park. It is not only an international tourist favourite destinations but also the locals frequent it every time. Lake Nakuru is a habitat for more than 450 bird species.

More so, the park houses the vastest euphorbia candelabrum forest in the continent of Africa. Thus, lions, leopards, pythons, and waterbucks can be seen in the park. For the Lion King enthusiastic, Pumba’s family is also present here. Yea, I am talking of the warthogs. An additional reason that makes this lake among the top sights in Kenya is that it’s where you can view the rare white rhinos.


Along the Great Rift Valley, you can find more top attractions in Kenya. Lake Naivasha is a good example. It lies at what is considered by geologists as the valley’s highest point. The best way to enjoy the scenery is by use of a boat to go around the lake. You will see plenty of bird species, including the famous African fish eagles. There are numerous trees at the edge of the lake, and in its canopies, you will get to see those notorious colobus monkeys. Zebras, giraffes and buffaloes also can be seen grazing around. The best captivating sight of all is the hippos sloshing in the water. Another one for the scrapbook.


You can’t say you have visited top attractions in Kenya if Mt. Kenya is not on the list. The park was put into place by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It encompasses the majestic Mt. Kenya. It is a volcanic mountain and the nation’s highest. What makes the mountain one of must-see tourists attractions in Kenya are its famous glacier-covered peaks. The first peak is named Batian. Nelion is the second highest and experts say it’s the toughest to hike. Lenana peak is the last and lowest. Most people climb it as it is more comfortable. Hiking the mountain is a perfect addition to your safari experience. You get to see lakes and mineral springs as well as wildlife like buffaloes, hyenas, black and white colobus monkeys, and elephants.


No Kenyan safari is complete without a visit to Hell’s Gate. Despite its name, the area is a famous destination for campers. Do not worry; the devil is not at the door beckoning. Considered among top sights in Kenya for hiking, the park gives an opportunity to campers to explore by bike or on foot. The climbing and hiking region is made of 2 extinct volcanoes. There are the Obsidian Caves which are red from the Hell’s Gate gorge. Secondly, we have a volcanic plug called Fischer’s Tower.

The park is home to the first African geothermal station- Olkaria Geothermal Station. Through the earth’s crust, you can hear and see hissing natural geysers as well as hot springs. Vulture and eagles are among the 100 bird species in the park. There are several wildlife, such as baboons, gazelles, leopards, and elands. Ostriches can also be seen roaming around.

In the list of cultural attractions in Kenya, the park is mentioned. This is since within it; you can see and join the Maasai in singing and dancing. They also sell various jewellery made from their cultural items.


The city of Nairobi is full of different tourist attraction sites. A majority of the sites are historical depicting the period Kenya was under colonial rule. Nairobi National Museum is one such example. It is a one-stop destination for all things Kenya history, culture, nature, and contemporary art. There are the famous botanic gardens on the museum’s grounds. Do you recall the famous “Out of Africa” novel? In Nairobi, there is the Karen Blixen Museum which is the restored home of this acclaimed Danish author.

For more wildlife viewing, visit the Nairobi National Park. You get to see buffaloes, zebras, wildebeest, elephants and many more. There is the rhino’s sanctuary that keeps the globe’s most endangered wildlife species. For more safari adventures, visit the park’s Giraffe Centre. Here there I the Giraffe manor where you can mingle with giraffes and feed them straight from your hands. Impressive, isn’t it? Do not leave without viewing the adorable orphaned elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Additional Kenya safari destinations acclaimed for wildlife sight-seeing. The park is divided into Tsavo East and West. Both parks are filled with an array of wildlife, the famous lava-rock plateau which is the Yatta, rivers such as the Galana, waterfalls like the Lugard Falls, and several volcanic hills, and the Mzima Springs. Tsavo is known as Kenya’s best spot for viewing the famous birds of prey.


Talking of top sights in Kenya, a safari in the country is not one without visit the coastal region. Mombasa should be your first stopover. It is the second-largest city in Kenya. Everything about this city pulls you over to it. The Indian Ocean, sandy beaches, wildlife parks, museums, historical sites like Fort Jesus, coral reefs, and welcoming Swahili culture with delicious meals.

Northwards, there is Malindi town. Another tourist magnet filled with every ocean fantasy safari destination desire. There is the Watamu Beach for the white sands experience. The Vasco De Gama Cross, a historical monument. Get to dive in the coral reefs, and visit Watamu Marine National Parks. Lastly, for the conclusive Swahili culture experience, visit Lamu Island. Its architecture, mode of living, dressing of the locals, and food shows the best of the Swahili people.


The above mentioned Kenya safari destinations are just a mere taste of all that the nation has to offer. There are still various top attractions in Kenya that will keep you entertained throughout your safari days. So, buckle up and visit these top sights in Kenya and many more to discover why the country is the best safari destination in Africa.

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