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Zip Lining in Kenya: Top Spots for an Adrealine-Filled Outdoor Adventure

If your blood vessels indeed read adrenaline junkie, then you know, average, just does not cut it. In the land of safaris and white beaches are other activities for daredevils. Put on your adventure-seeking super suit. Pack extra doses of courage. Maybe a pair of spare underpants as they may just come in handy. And let’s take a drive around the 254, learning about the regions you should visit to have that devilish dance with mother nature.

The first must-visit area is Kereita Forest in Limuru. Situated in the county of Kiambu, 60 kilometres from the capital, Nairobi, this forest is part of the wondrous Aberdares National Park. This forest is home to the magnificent River Gatamaiyu, numerous wildlife, and bewitching caves. The best thing about it is its raging waterfall that rises at the height of approximately 60 feet.

What adrenaline-filled activities can you do here? Well, number one is the ziplining. The area has six lines, each with its own death-defying heights that you can concur. As you are high and above, if you can dare, look down and see the beautiful mother earth below. You may feel like superman.

Other ventures you can take part in include archery and mountain bike riding. Moreover, if you bring that buddy you always want to blast into atoms along in the trip, the paintballing experience is the closest you will ever get to fulfilling this wish.

Number two area to go to is the Rapids Camp in Sagana. It is one of the best camping sites in Kenya, with almost 22 water activities. The campsite is quickly accessible through the Nairobi-Thika highway, a two and a half drive from the capital city. It has river frontage like no other; approximately 450 metres in length.

So what nail-biting adventures can you do here? First and foremost is the ziplining experience. Next thing you can do in this water-haven, is water rafting as you paddle downstream. There is also water kayaking, river surfing, rock climbing, and water gliding. Now, for the not-so faint at heart, the bungee jumping experience is a must-do. You get to throw yourself 36 feet below, exactly onto the foot of the rapids. What’s more adrenaline rush than that?

Let’s now go to the other major city in Kenya. The heart of its tourism industry. Coast region. Specifically, Kilifi County. The most adrenaline-filled action one can participate in while here is the rope challenge. Its first-ever edition was on 1st October 2017. These rope challenges take place at heights that are gravity pullers, the perfect experience for any thrill-seekers.

While in Kilifi, the Bofa Beach Resort is a vital place to visit for any adrenaline junkie. The primary reason being it is the mother of the above-mentioned rope challenge. This safari paradise is situated roughly one hour away from the city of Mombasa as you head north-wise. It is located on the shores of the vast Indian Ocean and is the perfect place to get rid of the laziness that comes with the hot coastal weather.

The modern resort offers an array of activities that will get one’s heart racing in no time. For the faint at heart, the low rope challenge at the beach shores is a brilliant idea. For the daredevils in the house, prepare yourselves for a once in a lifetime ziplining experience. It is the ideal destination for any adrenaline needed team building action.

You know what they say, once you get out of your comfort zone, that’s when life truly begins. And absolutely nothing can get one off their comfort zone like the Dam Redhill Resort in Limuru. It is just a mere 15 kilometres from the capital city, Nairobi.

The resort has a zip line that runs over the dam. It is the perfect adrenaline-pumping thrill for any adventure junkie and even a first-timer. Besides, the place offers one of the most exceptional jet-skiing experience without having to rush off to the coast. Afterwards, you can enjoy a mouth-watering meal inside their floating restaurant.

To capture the exact scenic landscape that Kenya is made of, pay a visit to Corner Baridi in Ngong Hills. Here you can strap in and experience the ultimate ziplining rush. Within the PEC Nature Camp, you get an opportunity to zip along a line that is 180 metres above the ground.

The zip line overlooks the Kajiado Savannah landscape, and the Rift Valley. For an adventurer, it is the best choice one can ever make. You get to admire the breath-taking Ngong Hills from a bird’s eye perceptive.

Once, you back in Nairobi, take a different direction and head to Machakos People’s Park in Machakos County. It is the perfect adrenaline getaway for the whole family. This park has one of the most arguably longest ziplines in Kenya. The cables are at the height of 30 feet above the ground. One gets to choose from a 200 or 300 metres long zip line. Whichever your choice will be, be sure that you will feel the precise same feeling as Thor soaring the Asgardian skies.

Furthermore, the Savage Wilderness Camp in Nairobi is an ideal spot for an adventure-packed, adrenaline outdoor activity. This sports adventure centre is found along the Nairobi-Nyeri highway.

While here, all you have to do is pick your poison. Will it be face to face combat with Kenya’s roughest rivers? Then paddling through the mighty Tana River is your meal for the day. You can do water rafting and kayaking. There is also rock climbing for those brave hearts. Mountain biking is included as well. The adventure experiences in this place make one comprehend why people say fear wakes you up.

Sticking with Nairobi, a visit to Adventures 360 Africa’s offices will come in handy for any adrenaline junkie. They are the most elegant private East Africa Tours and Travel Company. Ever wished for your own adrenaline fairy godmother? Here she is. This company will enable you to experience all the adrenaline-filled action the cradle of mankind has to offer: from wild safaris to dangerous but enjoyable rock climbing spots, and the ultimate ziplining adventures. All by the whisk of their magical, affordable wands.

Finally, one of the best-kept ziplining secrets of Kenya, the Lobaran Zipline. It is found in the town of Kabarnet along the Kabarnet-Iten-Eldoret route. The zipline is across the human-made reservoir called Kirr Dam, which was created for conservation purposes. Once you try the zipline, you are assured of the best seats in town, capturing the beauty that is the Kirr Dam. Better yet, the end of this ride sets you at the Great Rift Valley. What more can you ask from the adrenaline gods?

Now, you have ten spots to choose for your adrenaline junkie heart. Figure out what lights your inferno the best, and go for it.

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